DRUG ABUSE AND ADDICTION: Five Commonly Asked Questions

NJ, a beautiful university student, was found convulsing by her mum. She had never convulsed before. NJ was taken to the hospital where comprehensive evaluation revealed she was not suffering from seizure disorder. Rather, her seizure was caused by drug abuse which resulted to addiction. NJ had been using tramadol in very high doses to get ‘high.’ She however took a decision to stop the use of the drug after she lost a friend who had also abused it. Her attempt at stopping the use of tramadol triggered withdrawal symptoms which manifested in the form of convulsion.
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VB weighed 110kg. She had always desired to look like her younger sister whose weight was 74kg. She had thought that skipping meals or regular fasting was the way to improve her looks until she met a physician who counseled her on the following approaches. Check the amount of calories consumed: Every diet should contain at […]