JJ, a 27-year old technician, uses herbal concoction to boost his sexual drive. This practice started a month ago. He recently began to notice gradual reduction in urine volume, swelling of his face, and legs. He became alarmed when he passed out dark coloured urine. His kidneys have failed. After thorough evaluation by the doctor, […]

Managing Hypertension

Nathaniel Health Media presents, “Managing Hypertension.” For the benefit of the film lovers who would rather watch a movie than read, a health clip on management of hypertension, highlighting what affected persons need to know, has been produced for your viewing pleasure. Producer : Dr Ademola Orolu Executive Producer: Dr Ademola Orolu Clip length: 2 […]

Mental Health Issues: Do You Need Help?

A few times, ill persons visit the doctor to complain about certain things that bother them – Poor sleep, headache, weakness, fast heart beat, fast breathing, feeling unwell, low mood, poor appetite, lack of interest in pleasurable activities, et cetera; one or a combination of the above may be present in an individual. These complaints […]