DIABETES MELLITUS (DM): 10 Frequently Asked Questions

Today, the 14th of November, is World Diabetes Day. All over, awareness is being created in addressing one of the silent killer diseases- diabetes mellitus. Diabetes mellitus is often shortened as ‘diabetes’ although another form of diabetes is Diabetes Insipidus. Below are answers to some frequently asked questions about diabetes mellitus. What is Diabetes Mellitus? […]

MENTAL HEALTH: The Misconceptions;  The Facts…

MENTAL HEALTH: The Misconceptions; The Facts…

SB has been experiencing crawling sensation over his head and sometimes over the abdomen. This has been on for a few months. He recently began to breathe fast. Things get him upset easily. His sleep has not been refreshing. He feels a medical condition explains his complaints. Different doctors had diagnosed him of anxiety disorder. […]

Telephone Medical Consultation

Telephone Medical Consultation: The Bittersweet Reality

FT had a history of cough of about five days duration. He also had fever and weakness. Reluctant to self-medicate, he called his doctor friend who asked a few questions and prescribed him paracetamol tablet,  anti-malarial medication, and cough syrup. His complaints persisted. He later had to consult his friend in his hospital. Upon evaluation, […]



Refer to it as birth control, or family planning (typically among married partners), contraception has been practised since the existence of man. Unlike death which we may not be able to control, giving birth is largely a voluntary choice. When desired family size has been reached, a pregnant woman may be forced to resort to […]


‘She is about 6 months pregnant,’ one of the ladies said. ‘No she is not pregnant. She has excessive tummy fat,’ another lady retorted. This conversation about her enlarged abdomen went on between two ladies in her place of work as Ms B walked along the aisle to her office. She was diagnosed with uterine […]