‘She is about 6 months pregnant,’ one of the ladies said. ‘No she is not pregnant. She has excessive tummy fat,’ another lady retorted. This conversation about her enlarged abdomen went on between two ladies in her place of work as Ms B walked along the aisle to her office. She was diagnosed with uterine […]


A few times, ill individuals are at crossed roads in deciding what specialty of doctor to consult.  If given the opportunity, many clients would like to be attended to by core specialists- pediatrician for the child with fever, gynecologist for the woman with menstrual pains, cardiologist for the man with hypertension etc.  This expectation is […]

General Health


Miss TC had just completed her three days dose of artemether-lumefantrine for malaria but still felt unwell. She had visited a street laboratory where blood test for malarial parasite revealed a positive result.  Having a sweet tooth, she had taken her medication with a glass of juice. Her repeat laboratory test following consultation with her […]


HYPERTENSION: Are Your Values Safe?

TK wouldn’t have considered his doctor’s counsel to have a medical check. He has never missed a day at work.  He has never felt unwell.  He has always had good sleep.  Life generally has been fine.  However,  when his buddy, CO, a known hypertensive patient, died from hemorrhagic stroke, he knew it was time to […]

EAR TOILETING: More Harm Than Good

Mrs A had just been called by her daughter’s teacher. ‘Blood’ was seen discharging from her daughter’s ears. The school nurse needed a second opinion from the girl’s family doctor. Upon evaluation, the doctor obtained that regular ear toileting with cotton bud was a routine by Mrs A.  She had cleaned her daughter’s ears three […]


CERVICAL CANCER: What Every Woman Must Know

Mrs B recently celebrated her 60th birthday, an event she had planned over a four month period.  Due to the excitement of her party, she had ignored the spotting of blood through her vagina which she saw occasionally after sexual intercourse. ‘It is just minor bleeding,’ she mused repeatedly. She however spoke with a friend […]

Family Health Consultation

Clients who need medical advice and/or evaluation for themselves and other family members can contact us through our various channels. We at The Family Doctors collaborate with various core specialists to ensure quality health care is obtained. A family focused approach is guaranteed. Dr Ademola OroluDr Ademola Orolu is a Consultant Family Physician. He holds […]

Writing for Medical/General Publications

We offer our editorial services in the aspect of writing medical articles to other websites, blogs, online health platforms, and offline health based magazines which will improve public knowledge on health issues. Dr Ademola OroluDr Ademola Orolu is a Consultant Family Physician. He holds the Fellowship of The West African College of Physicians. He is […]

Patient Advocacy

Health needs are individualized. These needs are addressed through notification of concerned individuals of various health promotional opportunities which are free-of-charge. Where necessary, appeals are made for clients to enable them enjoy healthcare which could have been inaccessible. Confidentiality is ensured in the process. Dr Ademola OroluDr Ademola Orolu is a Consultant Family Physician. He […]