ASTHMA: The Facts And Myths About The Disease

AA is an 8-year old boy. He was taken to the clinic with complaints of cough, noisy breathing, and difficulty with breathing. This had occurred on most nights for about 4months. His mother initially thought he was having nightmares as he often woke up at night breathless. His symptoms reduce moderately with cough syrups but […]

cataract eye

CATARACT: A Leading Cause of Visual Impairment

AA is a 56-year-old man who complained of gradual worsening of his vision. Everything appears blurry to him and he has difficulty driving at night. He is not a known diabetic or hypertensive. Evaluation confirmed that he has cataract. Read more about CATARACT: A Leading Cause of Visual Impairment


Dr Olagoke Ewedairo is a consultant family physician with over a decade experience as a clinician. He obtained his MB: BS degree from the University of Lagos. He completed a post-graduate training in Family Medicine and was awarded the Fellowship in Family Medicine by the National Post-graduate Medical College of Nigeria. He also has a Master of Public Health degree from the Harvard School of Public Health. He is passionate about improving patients’ health outcome as well as patient education. He can be
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DYSMENORRHEA: Menstrual Cramps

DYSMENORRHEA:  Menstrual Cramps

SO, a 25 year old lady, was rushed to the hospital with lower abdominal pain of 6 hours’ duration, which was severe enough to prevent her from standing erect. She experiences this severe pain during her monthly menstrual cycle. It has affected her work and her quality of life. This scenario is quite common amongst […]