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MALE INFERTILITY: How Can It Be Managed?

Infertility is the inability of a couple to achieve pregnancy in one year after regular (at least three days in a week) unprotected intercourse. Infertility results from challenges with the reproductive capabilities of the male partner, or the female partner, or both of them. Male infertility is a sole cause in about 20 percent of […]

PREMATURE EJACULATION: A Treatable Threat To Masculinity

PREMATURE EJACULATION: A Treatable Threat To Masculinity

Premature ejaculation, medically speaking is reduced interval between penetration and ejaculation during intercourse. It is a cause of dissatisfaction in a relationship and may be associated with feeling of incompetence and shame. There is also feeling of insecurity. The specific time accepted medically is if it is less than 1 or 2 minutes. This depends […]


OS has been experiencing poor sexual satisfaction since his marriage a year ago. He has a history of use of marijuana. This habit started after a series of job losses. Medical evaluation revealed that his organs are fine. He undergoes psychotherapy, drug rehabilitation, and behavioral change counseling. He has noticed some improvement……. Weak erection is […]