DENTAL BRACE: An Aid To Improve Your Smile

DENTAL BRACE: An Aid To Improve Your Smile

HB has always desired to work as a broadcaster. Having failed several interviews, his poor dental appearance has made his dream job become a wish. He consulted a dentist who reassured him with the recommendation of dental braces. The power of a beautiful smile cannot be over emphasized. The dentists’ job is not complete until […]


TEETH WHITENING: Restoring Your Smile……

ST is a photographer. He is known to be very quiet. He smiles with caution and talks in whispers because of his discolored teeth. His reduced social interaction affects his day-to-day work. His challenge is treatable through teeth whitening. Discolored teeth can cost some people their sense of pride. The following are things to note […]


5 Things You Can Do About Your Bleeding Gums

A few weeks ago, an article was written on, “Bleeding Gums/Gingivitis: Six Common Causes.” This problem has denied some people of their confidence. It has made a few individuals unnecessarily quiet to avoid having their diseased gums being seen. Below are five things you can do about your bleeding gums. Proper tooth brushing It is […]


One of the common complaints that people tell the dentist is, “I have bleeding gums.” Others say, “sometimes when I am brushing, I see blood.” This condition in its commonest form is called Gingivitis. This refers to an inflammation of the gingivae which in layman terms is commonly known as the gums. Some of the […]