FIBROID: Affected Women Can Have Good Quality Of Life

GY is a 38-year-old interior designer. Her menstrual flow was of normal volume which lasted four days in a regular cycle until six years ago. She now bleeds heavily, painfully, and irregularly. She sometimes bleeds for more than ten days. An ultrasound scan revealed multiple fibroid masses in her womb. Fibroid is an abnormal but […]

DYSMENORRHEA: Menstrual Cramps

DYSMENORRHEA:  Menstrual Cramps

SO, a 25 year old lady, was rushed to the hospital with lower abdominal pain of 6 hours’ duration, which was severe enough to prevent her from standing erect. She experiences this severe pain during her monthly menstrual cycle. It has affected her work and her quality of life. This scenario is quite common amongst […]



Refer to it as birth control, or family planning (typically among married partners), contraception has been practised since the existence of man. Unlike death which we may not be able to control, giving birth is largely a voluntary choice. When desired family size has been reached, a pregnant woman may be forced to resort to […]


CERVICAL CANCER: What Every Woman Must Know

Mrs B recently celebrated her 60th birthday, an event she had planned over a four month period.  Due to the excitement of her party, she had ignored the spotting of blood through her vagina which she saw occasionally after sexual intercourse. ‘It is just minor bleeding,’ she mused repeatedly. She however spoke with a friend […]