Mental Health Issues: Do You Need Help?

A few times, ill persons visit the doctor to complain about certain things that bother them – Poor sleep, headache, weakness, fast heart beat, fast breathing, feeling unwell, low mood, poor appetite, lack of interest in pleasurable activities, et cetera; one or a combination of the above may be present in an individual.

These complaints sometimes are not caused by medical problems that can be investigated for in the laboratory. No matter how many tests are done, no biological cause of these complains is found. Such complaints may be caused by mental health disorders.

In all climes, the common mental health challenges are Anxiety Disorder and Depression, amongst others. These two disorders are overlooked by many. Some people even deny them until it becomes late.

You hear clients say, in denial, things like, “ko si eni ti ko kin ronu. There isn’t anyone that doesn’t have worrisome thoughts.”

Sometimes they also say, “ko si eni ti inu e maa n dun ni gbogbo igba. There is nobody who is always happy.”

While these statements are correct, having occasional worry or unhappy circumstances that one gets over with is different from being preoccupied daily by worry and sadness.

Anxiety disorder and Depression will cost the sufferer of his or her productivity. The affected persons know that all is not well but they cannot really tie the complaints together to arrive at the cause. In such situations, a need to have the mental health evaluated is essential.

Everyone is at risk of mental health challenges; so long we live in a world where there are certain things we have no control over.

Not getting employed having put in your best during the recruitment examination…

Being cheated by a loved one…

Losing an investment…

Losing a loved one…

Natural disasters and their damages to properties…

The above and many more examples can precipitate mental health conditions in any person, especially those without protective internal support (personality type, past experiences in life, spiritual inclination), or external support (family, friends, and other social environments).

If anybody experiences some unexplained discomfort, do not waste time, consult a clinician who will evaluate you comprehensively. Resort to illicit drugs, alcohol, and other unhealthy measures will create more health challenges.

Be productive. Kick out mental health challenges by admitting the truth that you need help.

Post Author: Dr Ademola Orolu

Dr Ademola Orolu is a Consultant Family Physician. He holds the Fellowship of The West African College of Physicians. He is also an Associate Fellow of The National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria. He is in active clinical practice. He is a writer, a patient advocate, and has a passion for health education. He is the Medical Director/Chief Executive Officer of Nathaniel Health Consulting (a family hospital), Matogun, Ogun State. He is the editor-in-chief of The Family Doctors. He can be contacted via

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