In many African communities, the patriarchal system has put a lot of burden on women. Raising a home, bearing children, the sex of the child, et cetera, have put women in the line of fire.

Nathaniel Health Media brings to you another video which addresses how women have been blamed for delays in conception. The fact is also explained.

Clip length: 2 minutes
Videographer/Animator: Dr Ademola Orolu

Post Author: Dr Ademola Orolu

Dr Ademola Orolu is a Consultant Family Physician. He holds the Fellowship of The West African College of Physicians. He is also an Associate Fellow of The National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria. He is in active clinical practice. He is a writer, a patient advocate, and has a passion for health education. He is the Medical Director/Chief Executive Officer of Nathaniel Health Consulting (a family hospital), Matogun, Ogun State. He is the editor-in-chief of The Family Doctors. He can be contacted via

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